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In 2013 our all-volunteer team of friends in Fairfax set up our nonprofit and began to design our space, fabricate exhibits and arrange for long-term loans of extraordinary bikes dating from 1868 onward.

Working with the team in Crested Butte, Colorado, we moved the Hall of Fame to Fairfax.

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Use the chart below to determine the year the deck was printed.

Since there are many dates for each letter, you should first refer to the start and end dates for the back design on this site (for Bicycle cards).

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Collectors will also sometimes pair an orphan deck with an empty box of a similar vintage. Now, the bikes, biographies, photos March 27th Project Update: The bricks are now installed on the 3rd quarter (museum side) of the wall!The final grouting has been done and the sealer applied. For the Bicycle ace in the middle, the last two digits of the first four are 12, indicating 2012 and the letter R would coincide with the old code for 2012 if the 20 year cycle is applied. Accordingly, the deck was made in the 16th week of 2013 and under the old code, 2013 would have been indicated by the letter S.

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