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We’re able to dial in just a touch of fizz to give the sustain Angus wants and needs.” The only other item in his rack is a Rocktron Hush pedal that helps keep the cranked amps under control.

For this “small” AC/DC show (normally the band packs stadiums), Angus was using nine 100-watt Super Lead Marshall heads.

About four or five years ago the amps were modded with a master volume control to get a bit more preamp gain.

The band tours with Simon Murton, a full-time amp tech, who spends every day in his workshop swapping tubes and doing maintenance because they push the heads so hot that they generally only play three to five gigs before visiting his workbench.

Ray gifted the guitarist to Angus because he’s a huge AC/DC fan.

Trace Foster calls this Kikusui PCR4000M Power Supply a secret weapon because it allows him to run Angus’ amps at 236V—a slightly higher power rating than JCM800 creator Mike Hill suggests (234V)—because the recommended juice gave him too spongy of a tone.

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Being a luthier myself, I know how difficult it is to find quality information and instruction about guitar building and guitar repairs when you first start working on guitars.

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As you watch this video, you’ll slowly understand why both techs claim that this is both the easiest gig (because of the light load of equipment) and the hardest gig (no pedals or effects to hide behind) they’ve ever had.

The pickups have been swapped out with custom-wound, wax-potted Seymour Duncan humbuckers that have a resistance of 7.8k.

All of Angus’ guitars use Ernie Ball Slinky (.009-.042) strings and he rocks with Fender Extra Heavy picks.

His backup is a 1970 SG Custom that he used on the Back in Black world tour during the early ’80s.

The guitar originally had a natural walnut finish, was loaded with three humbuckers, and had a Maestro vibrato.

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