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It was uncomfortable for me listening to it mainly because it struck a chord in me with the many observations you made. " Christopher J Connecticut, US"Hey Simon, Your personal coaching has provided me a ton of COOL tips and tricks.Hesitant still, I tried the first trick, it seemed to work. I have bought all your programs and its amazing how you came about figuring all these stuff out."Hi who wouldve thought it was even possible I didnt!! This is the first time Im buying your stuff and if its this good, I cant wait to get my hands on your other stuff. Honestly, Id have to say the entire process of getting attraction, re-branding and coming back strong took me almost 2 and the half months, it took a lot of practice, but ever since were together as a COUPLE now, it was soo worth the effort.Excellent content and I cant recommend it any better to anyone whos interested to getting it. I could never have been happier, thanks to you, SIMON HEONG. " Warren Y, Perth, Australia Your girlfriend stealer book was crazy!Ive been friends (good friends) with this girl for close to 9 months now and were totally meant for each other, we have the same interest, dislikes, habits, quirky thinking and what not. I secretly wished for it too, but it was clear from the onset that she only treats me as a brother and nothing more.

Anyway Im putting your materials into good use on a friend I have a crush on and its crazyyy no shes not my girlfriend yet but she IS starting to flirt with me BIG TIME! Bear in mind shes pretty hot and have loads of guys after her, I thought I blew my chances then but amazingly, SHE called me to apologize for what she did and shes been calling me ever since! Theres a girl in my group I was introduced recently, I dont really know her that well, but I do know most of the guys are gunning for her. I thought shed get pissed, turns out she stayed longer, and kept interrogating and explaining herself to me.Your personal-rebranding technique, thats the one that made ALL the difference, it was A HUGE risk for me to take, in fact, I was scared to use it, What if she walked away and never come back? She didnt really liked the new me, there was a lot of tension, I could sense. And then after 2 weeks, one night she just called me and asked whether she could come over. It was exactly what I needed to get her to "feel" it for me...The moment she first saw me after I disappeared from her life, her first reaction was what happened to you? She did, it was awkward, she just stood there, without saying anything. It was only after realizing WHY it was so that helped me to 'crack the code' and get her to turn over to MY side. It was exactly what I needed to get her to "feel" it for me, before I tried practically every trick in the book to attract her over, yeah I do get the occasional sex from her, I wanted more, I wanted HER FOR MYSELF but somehow she always seems to run back to her boyfriend whenever he's back in town.I went through your program, I wasn't convinced it would work, but decided to try it anyway.As I went through each of the modules, one by one, followed precisely what youve asked me to, I didn't agree with some of them, but I went ahead anyway.

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