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Recommended: The Top 25 Social Networking Sites People Are Using Hi5 is a social networking website targeted at a general audience interested in flirting, dating and making new friends.

If you visit Tagged's website today, which is another social network with a long history, you'll notice that its website is identical to the Hi5 website.

Prior to 2004, the Company had raised 0,000 in an angel investment round, and utilized this early investment to bring the Company to profitability.Although anyone can make public posts, attract followers to their profiles (instead of having to approve everyone as friends), join groups and participate in discussions on public pages, Facebook isn't typically used to find and meet new people.Hi5, on the other hand, is all about meeting new people.Hi5 had many typical social networking features, such as friend networks, photo sharing, user groups, and status updates.In a 2009 redesign, hi5 added a number of features oriented toward gaming and entertainment.

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