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Dispersers, therefore, likely face multiple constraints. They have to be large enough to stand a chance of survival following dispersal, but, due to dispersal costs and benefits of group living, should not disperse except from large colonies.

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The relative costs and benefits of group living change with group size.(My favorite bad review of The Stepsister Scheme compares it to an S&M porno. ) Hale’s mother pointed her to the Stop the Goodreads Bullies site, where Blythe was listed along with more than 150 other reviewers, for crimes ranging from participating in organizing attacks on authors to “derogatory shelving” to reviews considered to be “bullying.” One of the St GB founders talked to Hale about her reviewer, no doubt reinforcing Hale’s belief that she was the victim of a bully.Foz Meadows has a blog post about why the St GB site is…problematic.Blythe unfollowed her on Twitter, made her Instagram private, and blocked her on Facebook, essentially cutting off Hale’s options for online communication. She compared Blythe’s tactics to those of Gamer Gate (though I’m having a hard time finding where Blythe threatened to rape or murder Hale, or drove Hale out of her own home). But even if she was, there comes a point where she crossed a line from victim to perpetrator. Blythe criticized Hale’s book and probably cost her some sales. Which leads me to wonder why the Guardian published this piece in the first place.Hale stalked Blythe, presenting herself as a very real threat. She called her to say, “I know who you are.” Not okay. My friend Barbarienne sees it as a cautionary tale.

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