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She thought Eli was the solution because they mesh together really well, but then a series of false-starts makes her double think that and she decides it's time for her to really start dating.

Eli and Bryn's kids say the darnest things but it was Eli's sun who had me laughing out loud: "Mom says Bryn’s store is a dirty porn shop,” Austin said.

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Did she go to the school to pick up her child early?

For the first half of the book, I found myself e ARC provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review Size Matters by Stephanie Haefner was a quick and easy read.

She is a single mother of three young children having lost her husband almost two years ago.

The writing wasn't bad...again, my issues were with a single character.

Overall, I could understand that and her thinking, but it hit a point there where her wishy-washy actions just got to be too much.I just felt bad for all the guys she's stringing along.parents who get mixed up in all the craziness too.

Once she makes this decision though, various things happen that keep the sexy times from occurring.

Through the first 50% of the book this was a solid 4 star read.

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