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Two synced game screens will be displayed side-by-side by default.Player one is able to control the left screen, while player two controls the right.We're still asking plenty of questions about the new system, and we've compiled some of the most pressing below.Nintendo's most recent handheld systems are touch-based, from Nintendo DS onward.We aren't sure what Nintendo Switch's storage capacity is like. As for Nintendo Switch's other launch titles, Nintendo says more details are coming at a later time.The Wii U tops out at 32 GB of flash memory right now, but no clue if Nintendo will go bigger with the Switch. For reference, Wii U cost 9.99 at launch for its deluxe edition; the Wii cost 9.99. Nintendo also revealed a ton of the publishers and developers working to bring games to the system, from Activision to Ubisoft.The Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS each have a library of older Nintendo systems' titles available for download, thanks to the Virtual Console.It's unclear if the Nintendo Switch will boast a similar Virtual Console selection of its own.

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Nintendo Switch uses cartridges called Game Cards for its games.

lr-gambatte is the prefered single-player emulator, while lr-tgbdual runs two instances of the same game for either two-player link cable games or parallel play on the same system.

lr-gambatte supports playing link cable games over network (not to be mixed up with netplay).

Its previous home console has one too, and touch functionality has become a core component of many Wii U and 3DS games.

Based on what we've learned about Nintendo Switch today, though, we can't say whether or not it will carry on the touchscreen tradition.

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