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You have to ask for more than just moments of silence and prayers at times like this.” Hanes, who is prepping for his role as one sexy cat, and who along with Hansis are parents to two cats of their own, discussed their relationship when both have successful careers in their own right: “I’m always grateful for any opportunity to work and do what I love to do, and with this cast especially—they really assembled a great group of personalities. We just have a really good time in rehearsals, and we just happen to be putting on this great show.

So to be in this show on Broadway, at this time, and at this point in my life, where I have so much pride—I am so proud of who I am, and I’m so proud of my relationship, and I’m so proud of Van—it means something so much more to me than it ever did before.

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actor Van Hansis is dating fellow actor Tyler Hanes.

"They're very happy and have been dating for a while now," says our source.

Nine years later, Hanes and Hansis live together with their two cats and continue to set some serious #relationshipgoals.

As Thom’s boyfriend in East Siders says, “We have a cat. TH: I don’t know what people think of us, but I know how we are, and our friends know how we are: We’re just idiots.

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